An Event Management Company

General Events

TMW Productions, LLC is also open to plan other types of events.  

If you have an idea and would like to speak with us regarding the logistics and planning, we would love to hear it!

Pre-Event Services:

  • Consult on finding an event location (if applicable).
  • Make phone calls and send emails to solicit donations or sponsorship for the event.
  • Manage pre-registration of event attendees.
  • Manage event staff and/or committees throughout the planning period.
  • Create a timeline on event tasks.
  • Identify food and beverage needs.
  • Work with food vendors to set up appropriate menu options and format for the event.
  • Determine décor and theme of event with event staff and/or committee.
  • Consult and aid in the design and distribution of marketing materials for the event.
  • Determine optimal event execution logistics based on client’s needs.
  • Book block rooms (if applicable).
  • Provide monthly updates to organization on the event progress.
  • Forecast and plan social media posts for event.
  • Aid in updating the organization’s website.
  • Aid venue staff in creating event set-up diagram.
  • Plan and schedule programming, speakers, and activities during event.
  • Create and manage sponsorship programs (logistics only).
  • Work with designer to create event signage design, and manage event signage creation.
  • Work with designer to create printed event materials, and manage the production of print materials.
  • Set-up and manage registration webpage using constant contact or organization’s page.
  • Identify volunteer roles and work with the organization to assign volunteers roles.
  • Manage parking permits (if applicable).
  • Manage and/or build event vendor and attendee contact data.
  • Promote event on TMW Productions, LLC website and social media.

During Event Services:

  • Manage set-up for event through venue staff.
  • Manage check-in for event attendees.
  • Manage the event staff and/or committees throughout the execution of the event.
  • Ensure event programming is running on time.
  • Enforce event guidelines (example: 18+ or 21+ activities)
  • Manage break-down and clean-up.

Post Event Services:

  • Debrief with benefactor and discuss opportunities for the next event.
  • Create attendee surveys.
  • Distribute attendee surveys electronically and submit all information to organization.

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