An Event Management Company

General Events

TMW Productions, LLC is also open to plan other types of events.  

If you have an idea and would like to speak with us regarding the logistics and planning, we would love to hear it!

Pre-Event Services:

  • Obtain liability insurance
  • Completion of all facility paperwork and permit applications
  • Manage registration of participants
  • Recruit and hire event support staff
  • Purchase all event merchandise (if applicable)
  • Design signage and marketing materials for the event
  • Promote event through application, Twitter, Facebook, Snap Chat, word of mouth, email, and company website
  • Manage payment for registration, sponsorship, and donations
  • Determine optimal event logistics based on client’s needs
  • Publish event disclaimer and guidelines
  • Determine prizes (if applicable)
  • Book block rooms (if applicable)
  • Provide monthly updates to nonprofit organization on the event

During Event Services:

  • Manage logistics of event and check-in
  • Manage speakers for event
  • Enforce event guidelines
  • Determine event winners (if applicable)
  • Ensure sponsor’s logos are properly displayed
  • Facility set-up and break down
  • Provide concessions(if applicable)
  • Facilitate and manage award ceremony (if applicable)
  • Manage videography and photography (if desired)

Post Event Services:

  • Print and distribute Thank You cards to volunteers and sponsors
  • Determine final donation amount for nonprofit organization
  • Collect and analyze participant surveys
  • Debrief with benefactor and discuss opportunities for the next event.

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