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During the first full week of June, Zach announced that he was going to climb Mount Greylock in Western, Massachusetts. This is the highest mountain in the state, and stands at 3,491 feet. To get ready for the trip, Zach got his mosquito netting out. LMAO.

On our way, we drove through beautiful scenic back roads, with wonderful scenic views: 

We started out from Rhode Island, around 7:00AM, and arrived in the town of North Adams, MA at 10:00AM. 

To put it in perspective:

This is Mount Greylock. The picture doesn’t do it justice. It was huge from the parking lot of the school. Zach walked through the remainder of North Adams, and would summit the mountain on the North Face.

In the meantime, while Zach went hiking, I went on a journey of my own. The plan was to meet at the top at Bascom Lodge, have lunch, and then Zach would continue his hike to Cheshire, finally connecting the other parts of the trail that he has hiked. It was a beautiful day, and I drove up the mountain. The majority of the road was sharpe turns. Our car was NOT a fan of this drive.

On my way up I saw a very large porcupine which at first glance, looked like a badger. The views were amazing, and the only scary part of the entire ride was just as I was approaching the top. The road was on the edge of the mountain, and it was a LONG way down…..

When I got to the top, the views were spectacular, especially from the Greylock War Memorial.  The memorial is a 93 foot tower that looks like a lighthouse, and can be seen on a clear night from up to 70 miles away.   The tower is free to enter, and provides wonderful views of Albany, Eastern Massachusetts, Southern Massachusetts, and Vermont.  After walking up the tower, I went to sit in the small cafe at Bascom Lodge.  Here are pictures of my office for the day and the tower. I could definitely make a habit out of waking up to that view every day.

It took Zach a few hours longer then anticipated, and he didn’t get to the top of the mountain until 3:30PM. Concerned he wouldn’t make it to Cheshire before dark, Zach called it quits for the day. He finally got to eat lunch, and we discussed coming back in Autumn when the leaves will be at peak to finish this part of the trail. At this point. Zach has successfully completed 59 miles of the trail. Only 2,141 miles left. Even though there’s plenty more mileage to go, we only have a few more trips back to Massachusetts to complete the trail in this state. How I will miss thee.

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