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It’s been a long hot summer, and I am finally able to sit down and update this blog. We have been bombarded by Rotary events, travel, family commitments, and business events. We also needed to squeeze some R & R between all of these goings on, and attempted to enjoy the summer. Here is a picture from one of our Rotary events. I think we found our Christmas card picture! 

With everything going on, we still found time for Zach to hike. A typical hiking day for us includes waking up between 6:00AM  and 6:30AM. We are in the car by 7:00AM, and drive an average of three hours to the drop off point.  I make sure that all of Zach’s food and beverage is purchased and cold for packing. I also lay out all his gear for the hike so we can make sure we have everything that is on the checklist. I have all the items we both need for our travels nailed down on a standardized checklist, which makes packing, especially for Zach, quick and easy. With this routine, we have eliminated a lot of the headache of packing and get to look forward to sharing this time together.

On June 23rd, Zach and I drove out to Western, Massachusetts. I was very excited because he was finally hiking the part of the trail that goes over the Massachusetts Turnpike. I have been driving this stretch of highway for years, and always wanted to know what it was like to hike this part of the trail. Here we are driving underneath the bridge at my standard speed of 70 MPH:

Zach hiked the trail and finished early around 2:00PM. I went to the Lee outlets and splurged on the summer clearance at the GAP outlet. His hike was an uneventful one, but brought back plenty of great pictures. 

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