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April 6th, 2019 marked the first day of hiking for Zach. His brother, Austin also joined him in hiking. Austin had been recently transferred to the northeast for his job, and was able to drive to Connecticut for the weekend. We met Austin in Torrington, CT and drove the 30 to 45 minutes to the trail.

The starting point would be where Zach left off at Under Mountain Road in Connecticut. The total mileage hiked would be 6.1 miles on Saturday and 8.3 on Sunday. Fortunately we were still close enough to my beloved Massachusetts. I was able to go to my favorite coffee shop, Marketplace Cafe in Sheffield, MA, while waiting for the boys to finish hiking. Here is my view in “my spot”…..

It was really nice to see Austin. We hadn’t seen him in over a year. The older you get, the more life seems to get in the way of seeing the people who you value most in your life. It was good the trail was able to bring us all back together. Here are some more pictures from the weekend:

Austin’s Favorite Picture from Saturday.
My favorite picture, taken by Austin from the hike that weekend.
The guys coming off the trail on Sunday.

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