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It always amazes me how fast summer goes in the northeastern part of the United States, especially New England. One moment (June) you are enjoying the first genuinely warm day of the year. All of a sudden September and October arrive and you find yourself negotiating with God for “just one more 80 degree day.”

In August, Zach and I decided to map out the rest of the hiking season. With our busy schedules we sadly mapped out only 4 hikes, all of which would complete Massachusetts. After our meeting I became slightly depressed at the thought of not being able to drive back to my favorite state and possible future site of the Warner-Whittenberger Homestead.

On September 15th we ventured back to Sheffield-Egremont Road in Great Barrington, Massachusetts. The hike was uneventful as Zach would only hike 6.5 miles to Mount Washington. This only took about 3 hours. It wasn’t enough time for me to sight-see, so I went back to my favorite coffee shop, Marketplace. Here are some pictures from the day:

At the end of September, Zach hiked from Massachusetts into Connecticut, adding another state to the list! This particular hike was 10.8 miles and took about 5 hours to complete. The 5 hour hike afforded me the opportunity to visit the Norman Rockwell Museum. I would definitely recommend this museum to anyone who visits the area. Rockwell’s artwork is embedded in American culture, and I was surprised to find that I had been exposed to his artwork much more than I had realized. With being very aware of his work, it added a whole new level of enjoyment.

Norman Rockwell’s Studio-Moved from it’s original location in Stockbridge, MA. The inside is completely untouched from the last time he used it.

After the Norman Rockwell Museum, I had a few more hours available before picking up Zach. I decided that I would go back to the Red Lion Inn to enjoy probably one of my last days (for a long time) in Stockbridge. I also took some additional pictures of the inn, and caught a few orbs!

After enjoying a drink and spending some time in the Lion’s Den, I drove to pick up Zach in Connecticut. At the end of the day, Zach would be able to add another state to his hiking list! On the way home we also saw an unbelievable view on a lake. This was at a private school somewhere on our way home. Absolutely beautiful! Here are a few highlights from Zach’s hike!

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