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Has COVID-19 ruined your wedding plans? Was it your engagement party, bridal shower, wedding or honeymoon? 

Humans naturally have a hard time comprehending change. When it comes to modifying the plans for these types of events, emotions run high, and you might feel devastated; however, taking precautions and reducing the spread of this virus is necessary. In the past few weeks, “social distancing” has become a buzz word in the media. Many have asked what does this term actually mean? Social Distancing means “Removing yourself from large groups or refraining from going to heavy populated areas.” 

Many cities and towns are now limiting the amount of people that can be in one room at a time. Some municipalities are banning social gatherings completely.  Many venues and hotels are working to accommodate clients who have events during this time. Ask your event planner to work with your vendors to postpone your event completely. If you are unable to get all your vendors to commit to the same postponement date, request a refund from those who cannot be rebooked. 

If you still want to move forward with your wedding day plans, have a small wedding with your intimate family.  You can plan a reception with everyone who you invited at a later date. If a large reception at a later date is “off the table”, request relatives and friends call in through a digital meeting planning application such as FreeConferenceCall.com, Zoom or Skype. There are many other applications which offer a method of staying connected digitally during this time. 

Knowing that you are not alone is crucial. The support doesn’t take away the sting of postponing a milestone event in your life; however, it does provide structure for us to process the loss in an empathetic way. Remember, weddings are not the only events being affected by the pandemic. Funerals, conferences, birthday parties, bar mitzvahs, high school and university graduations are all being postponed or cancelled. 

The most important thing is for you, your partner and your family to stay safe and well during this time.

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