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Top 5 Things To Do For Valentine’s Day During A Pandemic

Valentines day 2021

This year, at the height of the pandemic, many couples are choosing to stay in for Valentine’s Day. Here are the Top 5 Things To Do for Valentine’s Day during a pandemic! 

5) Plan a relaxing, candlelit dinner with wine, cheese, and your partner’s favorite entrée! Don’t forget to include that specialty aperitif or after dinner drink

4) Take a relaxing bath with your partner. Put on some soft music, light a few candles, turn out the lights and add a heart shaped bath bomb to the tub. Open a bottle of wine or pour some luxuriously smooth whisky. Relax and enjoy the water, your partner, and the beverages. 

3) Do you live close to a park or scenic area? Enjoy the local outdoors by taking a romantic walk together. Take in the sights and sounds and don’t forget to pack your Minimergency Kit! Stay hydrated by adding your favorite beverage to a slim flask!

2) Have a spa night! Put soft music on the portable speaker, turn down the lights and add some heat therapy with this heart shaped, heat retaining warmer pillow! Add a face and neck mask to the fun.  Want softer hands for you and your partner? Try this super moisturizing hand mask!

1) Are you and your partner creative writers? Light some candles, pour some wine and exchange love letters with one another! After you are both finished reading each other’s letters, surprise your partner with a customized Valentine’s Day gift box

Feel free to pick and choose the ideas you love! If you like them all, create and plan the Ultimate Valentine’s Day for your partner!

Planning to propose? Give your partner a ring and then something fun and special like a Customized Gift Box!

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